Secondary Market Annuities

Secondary Market Annuities

Secondary Market Annuities is pleased to offer a unique opportunity to invest in guaranteed Fixed Term Annuities at rates that surpass those of similar fixed investment options. With rates in the 5.0% to 7.5% annual effective range, our fixed term annuities routinely outperform CD'S, Government Bonds and Money Market Funds, while offering the same level of security.


Secondary Market Annuities, LLC is a company that offers lump-sum cash payments in return for future annuity payments stemming from structured settlements and lottery payments. State statutes allow recipients of settlements and lottery winnings to assign payments owed to them in exchange for a lump sum amount. Our position as a lottery and settlement annuity purchaser allows us to obtain these low risk, high yield investment annuities at discounted rates. In turn, we are able to offer these payment streams at rates that are more than double what might be offered by one trying to purchase a similar type of instrument directly from an Insurance Company.


Our experts have facilitated thousands of these transfers, and the court process involved in assigning these payments is second nature to them. When you decide which particular investment stream you would like to commit to, our experts immediately go to work to underwriting and working through the court process to secure the investment for you. If you would like to learn more on how the process works, please click on video below or the how it works tab.


If you are looking for secure fixed investments that will outpace and outperform CD's, Government Bonds and Money Market Accounts, fixed annuities purchased on the secondary market are good option for you.


How can one in world today where the stock market is too risky and government bonds are too low, is there anywhere we can we put our money that is safe and will yield a high rate of return?


YES! Buy our guaranteed structured settlement annuity payments for a High Yield and very low risk.


Secondary Market Annuities Safe Investing

Secondary market annuities specializes in providing investors with low risk and high yield return on their investment, which was normally only available to institutional investors. Our Company provides you the investor with a Court Order that assigns tort settlement annuity payments or lottery prize annuity payments with a fixed rate of return.


Each State has its own Statute that allows for the sale and purchase of Structured Settlement Annuities. Payment and Lottery Prize Annuity Payments. We ensure that all of the Statute requirements are followed and a Court Order is entered that assigns these guaranteed payments to you or the entity of your choosing such as a Trust, IRA, or even set it up as a gift to your children or grandchildren. Since there are a variety of different Structured Settlement Annuities Payments to be purchased, each investor can choose the payment stream that best fits their individual investment goals. Take a look at what payments are available for you to purchase here or contact our specialist to find a payment stream that works for you at 888-425-9661.


Full Legal Disclaimer:

No securities regulatory authority has expressed an opinion about these annuities. It is an offence to claim otherwise. IRC 5891 Annuities are only offered for sale in the United States and are exempt from registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Each prospective investor should be aware of their risk tolerance and consult his or her own accountant, and business advisor as to the legal, tax and related consequences of a purchase by him or her of an asset. No tax advice has been nor is being rendered by Our Company, any of its officers, directors, managing agents, employees, affiliates, or subsidiaries. IRS rules of practice require us to inform you that any description or discussion of taxation contained in this correspondence related to federal tax issue is not intended or written by Our Company to be used, and cannot be used by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding any tax penalties imposed by the internal revenue service, or for promoting, marketing, or recommending any tax related matters addressed herein.